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I wonder if its that Piece of shit kav again, everyone knew that he hurt you and abused you after all


excuse me? sirkavalierthefox never fucking once abused me! How dare you say that, Kav is one of my best friends. No Kav and I are not dating, Kav is not a piece of shit. if you have some fucking beef with him that has to do with me, bring it up with him and me off of anonymous. Kav never once abused me nor intentionally hurt me. It happens with break ups.

I don’t know who you are anon, nor do I bloody fucking care, but Kav and I are not together, Kav never once abused me, and he never set out to hurt me.

Kav is a very good person who does what he can for everyone, he risked a lot to help me and does what he can now to continue help me. 

how fucking dare you speak so badly of one of the closest people in my life, who has done more for me than anyone, and who does more for anyone and everyone he can possibly help. Kav would never abuse anyone, how dare you say that.

if I can’t have a simple fucking relationship without people hating on someone who I had publicly dated, how am I supposed to feel about getting into a new relationship? Just because the break up hurt me and I had physically harmed myself and was not abused does not give you the right to speak so ill of someone who has done nothing wrong but been there for everyone. if you can’t accept the fact that it was a simple break up, he had done nothing wrong then seriously don’t ask about my relationships or anything like that. I WANT to share who I am dating, I WANT to include ALL OF YOU but if it turns out that MY relationships don’t work out, how is it fair that YOU get to be BULLIES to the person I had once been in a relationship with. You have every right to say what ever you fucking want but you have no right to go on thinking that you will avoid all consequences for your words. just shove off you fucking bully, I don’t want your type of words and attitude around my fucking blogs and my real followers who will support me and not hate on the people i once dated or i am friends with. Just because you’re too ignorant and too much of a prick to realize that it is my life and I choose who I date and it is none of your business and that I am wanting to share my life with you because you and the other followers are interested and I want to interact and treat you all like my friends then just fuck off. 

Kav and who ever I date, unless I fucking say they did, will not abuse me, nor have abused me. I can tell you the names of every person who abused me and Kav is not one of them and he will never make that list. He is not that kind of person.

I reiterate how fucking dare you speak so badly of kav, a person who has done nothing but help everyone around him, someone who is always there for me and others. no matter the risk to himself.

This one fucking anon makes me not want to even tell you guys who I am dating when he says he is ok with being 100% open about it. it persuades me to not even talk to a lot of you guys about my personal relationships and makes me wish to go back to my anxiety ridden shell I lived most of my life in. The person you are attacking is the person who brought me out of that shell. 

if you have anything more to say, morose ignorant fucktard, you can come off anon and say it.